The QED group continues to expand. If you are interested in working in the group, in any of the positions below, let us know.

Postdoctoral Research Positions

Postdoctoral Fellowships for both Australian and international applicants are available through a number of sources. These take a bit of planning, so interested applicants should contact Prof. Hamilton at least 3 months before the deadlines.
  • Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowships are 3 year fully funded fellowships for early career researchers. Applications for these are due in March/April each year, with the position beginning the following calendar year. Two QED researchers have won such early career fellowships. More details are available here.

  • Australian Research Council Future Fellowships are for mid-career researchers, providing 4-6 year positions with guaranteed research support. The Australian government is creating 1,000 of these new Fellowships over a 5 year period. Applications are due in Sept/Oct each year, although expressions of interest are due several months beforehand.
  • UNSW Vice Chancellors Fellowships are 3 year fully funded fellowships for early career researchers. Preference is given to non-UNSW candidates (including those from overseas). Applications for these are due in August each year, with the position beginning the following calendar year. See here for more details.
Some researchers visit us for scientific collaborations. There are exchange agreements between the Australian Academy of Science and similar bodies in several other countries. Funding from such agreements is possible, but takes time to organise.

Postgraduate (MSc and PhD)

We have openings for both Australian and international postgraduate students to work on MSC and PhD projects related to our current research in quantum semiconductor devices and organic electronics. Research projects typically involve a mixture of experimental, theoretical, and/or computational work. Scholarships for high achieving national and international students are available through the Graduate Research School.

Generous Top-ups to APA awards are available.

Contact Prof. Alex Hamilton or Dr. Oleh Klochan for more information or to discuss funding.

Honours and undergraduate students

Honours-level projects will be available for motivated students. Our honours students are always involved in active hands-on research either in device processing and/or ultra-low temperature measurements or both. Most Honours students present their work at national and international conferences, and several have published research papers based on their honours project. Contact Prof. Alex Hamilton or Dr. Oleh Klochanfor more information. Some of the honours projects available are listed on the School of Physics web site. We welcome applications from international students interested in UNSW's exchange program.

Exchange and practikum students

We regularly take on international exchange students who are interested in obtaining research experience or professional/industrial practice. See here for details of past exchange students who have worked in our laboratories.

Interested students should contact Prof. Alex Hamilton or Dr. Oleh Klochan for more information, and see here for official details of UNSW's Practicum Program .

Vacation Scholarships

UNSW Undergraduate students can apply for Vacation Scholarships in the School of Physics through the UNSW Faculty of Science Vacation Scholarship program . The best place to start with these is to talk with prospective supervisors and Sue Hagon in the School Office.

Undergraduates from other Australian & New Zealand universities may also be considered. Scholarships will generally last between 6 and 10 weeks, to be negotiated between the student and their supervisor. Australian students will also be eligible to have return travel to Sydney paid for. Please contact us by September 30th for scholarships during the summer period from December through to February.

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