Details on where to order coax cables, plugs, etc.

Low triboelectricity cabling

These cables give orders of magnitude less noise than ordinary coax due to vibration, movement or acoustic noise.

The first batch we got were from Huber&Suhner - but the strain relief on the BNC was appalling and they are very unreliable.

Zach ordered some cables from Pomona, which are almost as quiet as the H&S cable. The details of this cable are:

  • 50 Ohm low-noise coax, max working frequency 10 KHz
  • Strain relief on connectors to keep cables from breaking
  • Available in various lengths from Mouser (; part number is 4964-ss-L, where L is the length of the cable in inches
  • Prices are about A$27.00 for either 12 or 36 inch lengths, 60 and 72 are slightly more expensive
  • Free 3-day shipping on orders over A$250

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