CuNiCoAxCable coax can be used as high frequency filter in the fridges. The idea is to replace the wiring loom with CuNiCoAxCable coaxes.



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Data No. 040-1    
Part number SC-040/50-CN-CN    
Outer conductor Diameter±0.0254[mm] 0.4    
Material Cupronickel    
Dielectric Diameter±0.0254[mm] 0.26    
Material PTFE    
Center conductor Diameter±0.013[mm] 0.08    
Material Cupronickel    
Characteristic impedance[] 50±3.0    
Voltage withstanding VRMS(60Hz) 500    
Corona extinction voltage VRMS(60Hz) 150    
Max. operating frequency[GHz] 392    
Capacitance (Average)[pF/m] 96.2    
*Attenuation [dB/m]
at 20℃
*Power rating[W]
at 40℃
FRQ. Atten. Power        
0.5GHz 13.7 1.4        
1.0GHz 19.3 1        
5.0GHz 43.3 0.4        
10.0GHz 61.3 0.3        
20.0GHz 86.9 0.2        
Max. operating temperature[℃] 125    
Min. inside bend radius[mm] 1.5    
Average weight[g/m] 0.8    
Max. length[m] 2  


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