K100 Kelvinox Dilution Fridge Operation Instructions.

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Newest K100 fridge and ICEcube Checklist v2.3




First cooldown (dewar is warm).


  • System checks.
  • ...

Leave main bath at 1 atm as much as possible. If main bath is at vacuum and OVC vacuum fails the cans will collapse (bad!). Do this also when changing pumps, etc on OVC.

Cooling to 77K.

  • ...

Cooling to 4K.

  • ...

Cooling to Base.

  • ...

Loading and unloading the fridge into a cold dewar

Getting the fridge out of a cold dewar.

  • ...

Putting the fridge back into a cold dewar.

  • ..

Temperature control ranges


Use fridge as usual.

Base - 800mK

Use fridge with mixing chamber heater.
  • Remember to increase the
  • Need to add instructions on how to set the fridge temperature
  • Need to put in a copy of the fridge temperature vs mixing chamber power graph
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