LaTex - the document processing system.

There are plenty of good sites on the web on how to use LaTex etc.Here we just list how to get started.


Download and install the latest version of MikTex.

You will also need an editor to edit the files - we suggest WinEdt or (insert name of other package). Again both can just be downloaded off the web.

  • Do not export graphs from Igor as jpegs. Export as EPS files, and make sure that you suppress the preview (see instructions in IgorPro).
  • Use jpeg2ps to convert jpegs for including into LaTex documents. Only do this for jpeg files that contain pictures or colourmaps - not line or symbol graphs from igor.
  • Here's a handy 2 page reference:
  • Do not use CorelDraw to alter Igor graphics. It can create negative bounding boxes, which causes dvipdf to barf.
  • To fix a negative bounding box problem:
    • Edit the .eps file in WinEdt
    • Look for a line like <verbatim> %%BoundingBox: -279 172 692 858 </verbatim>
    • Alter this to <verbatim> %%BoundingBox: 1 172 972 858 </verbatim>
    • Find the section in the eps file that reads: <verbatim> %%Pages: 1 1 </verbatim>
    • Add a new line that reads:
      %%Pages: 1 1 
      280 0 translate
  • Using CorelDraw to fix bounding box issues: (Both negative index problem and out-of-bound when viewed with GhostView in A4 display size problem)

    • Just makeing sure that in CorelDraw, the figure stays in the middle of that A4 page background before exporting it to eps.
    • Note: The out of bound problem can happen with just using Igor alone, particlarly when saving while the figure is in full screen view.


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