Problems with AMI magnet power supplies on the Poseidon fridge.

Problem 1 (Slave Power Supply failed, during installation Feb 2020)

During installation the slave power supply for the Y? magnet would not turn on - it kept faulting. Flicking the slave mains power switch on and off every 2-3 minutes would eventually start it, but AMI recommend not to do this as it may damage the slave power supply.

A replacement power supply was shipped from BlueFors and installed.

Install date: XX/XX/XXXX. Serial E167142

Problem 2 (Slave Power Supply failed, May 2020)

The Z-magnet slave power supply (serial E167154) started exhibiting similar problems to the above.

The issue was reported to AMI/BlueFors 5 May 2020. A replacement power supply (serial E167181) was delivered in late Jan/early Feb 2021 and installed on 8/2/21.

Problem 3 (z-axis 430 Controller failed, 5 Jan 2021)

The model 430 magnet programmer (z-axis serial 430-19-014) is tripping the circuit breaker. After opening it and having an inspection inside we found two problems:

1. The power line filter is broken: “P” is not continuous.

2. The blue neutral cable coming from 230V AC to the AC DC converter is tightly clamped between the case and the box for temp sensor connection (photo attached). This damaged cable causes a short from 230V AC neutral to case/ground which can be quite dangerous.
The damaged cable can’t be seen without removing the power line filter and is clearly caused by tightening the box for the temp sensor. It is most likely what was causing the trip and could also be the reason why the filter is broken.

image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg

This was reported to AMI (RMA 3449) and a replacement was shipped immediately. The new unit is installed on 8/2/21 (serial 430-20-137). Corresponding current transducer is also replaced.

Problem 4 (x-axis 430 programmer failed, Feb 2021)

6 February 2021. The x-programmer, serial 430-19-059 is now not working. Constantly displaying "Error - key is inactive in this display" and beeping.

Daisy reported:

"This morning I found that the X-programmer of the Poseidon fridge is beeping as if buttons on the front panel are being pressed randomly (video attached Video1.mov). The X-magnet was staying at 0T with switch heater on (Z-magnet was sweeping between -1T and 1T).
This problem happened once last year with the Y-programmer when its slave PS was faulty but never happened again since we swapped the slave PS. However, this time the X slave PS is not showing any problem.
I tried to power cycle the system but it didn’t help (video after power cycle attached Video2.mov). The buttons on the front panel are not functioning properly either when this happens so I suspect some problem with the buttons and/or its circuit."

Reported to AMI/BlueFors 8 Feb 2021.

On 8/2/21 the programmer boots and displays "Turn on power supply Press enter to contiue" when powered on. The slave PS powers on with no fault, but the programmer shows no repsonse when enter is pressed.

Problem 5? (current transducer, Feb 2021)

8 Feb 2021 When replacing the z programmer and its transducer Daisy found that the current transducers of all three magnets are connected in a different way from what AMI manual suggests.

According to the manual +ve lead need to go through the transducer in the right direction (indicated by arrows on the transducer). However, in our system, the -ve leads go through the transducer (also in the opposite direction).

This is the configuration the system came in - Krittika. Not sure if this is a problem - presumably the current in two leads should be the same?

Problem 6 (y-axis 430 programmer failed, April 2021)

9 April 2021. The y-programmer, serial 430-19-020 is now not working. Same error as the x-axis. Completely dead and doesn't respond to any button presses.
Reported to AMI on 16 April 2021. They are aware of issue, but will not have new front panels until end of April (email from Michael Diederich on 16-4-2021).

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