Information on Computing and computer resources

  • ComputerDataBackups - Backup your data weekly. Or lose it.
  • SettingUpPrinters - How to set up QED printers, as well as Physics printers in the School office (colour printer P7 and B&W P61) and the Level 1 CMP/Astro area
  • QedNetworkDrive - Details of how to connect to the QED network N: drive, where all files and data are stored.
  • QedNetworkwith7 - instruction on how to connect to gqed network with windows 7
  • CqctNetworkwith7 - instruction on how to connect to cqct network with windows 7
  • ComputerSecurity - Everyone should read and follow these guidelines
  • OfficeProjectorConnection - Instructions for projecting images from the PC terminals via LAN
  • SoftWare - All available packages, hints and tips
  • IgorPro - Instructions and hints on how to use Igor for data analysis.
  • QedMeas - Information about the QED LabView measurement software
  • ComputerList - List of computers currently used in the group
  • QedCompuerSetupForWindows7 - follow these instructions for setting up a new QED computer with Windows 7 installed. (Jarrod as of 17/3/16)
  • QedGoogleApps: We have our own domain for Google QED apps and email accounts. These can either be accessed with the qeduser account (details in QedBookingSystemPassword), or with your own account (ask Alex).
  • PcSetup - Software that should be installed on all QED computers
  • HamfleetComputerUpgrade2019 - Five new computers were obtained in 2020 for use in QED labs. See this page for details ect
  • DataThief - known bugs/quirks using Datathief
  • QEDGithub - Details about how to use QED Github
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