These are the issues we are having running our version of LabView8.2, while trying to run the magnet control software which is written in LabView7.1

These are items under that don't work.

Scanner (temperature scanner)


The scanner starts fine, however when "Display Log" is clicked there is a fatal internal error in support.cpp at line 6165. Once "Okay is clicked LabView crashes. This happens in both vector and USB mode.

Error log:


Error message:


  • scanner is working
  • labview crashes afterwards

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Response from Samantha Poli 30/3/2011

1) For the Log File Display, you can just remove the two properties (see attachments).




Fixed by ARH 31/3/2011

I've made the 3 deletions Samantha suggested above, looking in scanner.llb in both the USB and DAQ folders. I had to edit The scanner software works fine under LV8.2. The previous version of the software is stored as "Copy of scanner.llb 31/3/2011 ..." in each folder.

PSU (magnet control)


In USB mode this is fine.

In Vector mode the VI does not run.


Error list:


error list cont...


error list cont...


Response from Samantha Poli 30/3/2011

2) This can happen if the newer version of LabVIEW is installed after the DAQ drivers. We normally just reinstall NI-DAQ and everything works fine (see this useful link:
So we have to reinstall version 8.8 of the NI-DAQmx. It looks like the download for this is here, if we don't have it on CD: But before we install NI-DAQmx we should ghost the machine again, just in case it screws up. -- AlexHamilton - 30 Mar 2011

Fixed by ARH 31/3/2011

  • Downloaded the NI-DAQmx software into C\National Instruments Downloads\NI-DAQ version 8.8 installer.
  • Ran the installer, which copied the installation files to C:\National Instruments Downloads\NI-DAQmx
  • This ran the NI-DAQmx installer. Left everything set at default values, which added support for LabView 8.2.
  • Software seems to run just fine under LV8.2. Nice.


not tested in vector mode.

Access Control

World read. (Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = QedGroup)


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