Details of the battery Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and diesel back-up generator for the Vector Fridge.


In 2012 a fully automated UPS & generator was installed to power the Vector Fridge.
UPS system powers the following
  • Two 10kW Cryomech compressors
  • Single phase power is provided on the red power outlets in WG8. There are three circuits, each fed from a different phase.
  • Phase A CB2: Single phase power for magnet power supplies, magnet computer, fridge laptop, and gas cabinet.
  • Phase B CB14: Single phase power for data analysis & K400 computers, and Roy's magntic field monitoring system.
  • Phase C CB13: Power outlets inside compressor room WG8A
  • CB1 also powers the automatic cooling water switch-over system
Note that the dedicated chiller above Jack's office is not powered by the UPS.

Normal operation and what happens if the mains fails

Normal operation:

  • Power is normally sent through the UPS batteries, so that the mains is rebuilt.

If mains fails:

  • The batteries continue to supply the compressors and the single phase to fridge equipment. They can provide 12-15 minutes runtime.
  • The diesel generator on the roof outside will start up after a minute or so.
  • The generator will replace the incoming mains power, powering the load and recharging the batteries. The diesel can provide power for up to N hours (to be advised).
  • The chiller above Jack's office will stop as it is not on the UPS.
  • When it is instaklled, the cooling water auto changeover system will be on the UPS. It will detect low cooling water flow, and will switch the cooling water going to the compressors over to town water.
  • The upshot is that everything should continue to run as normal.

When the mains comes back on:

  • If the mains power comes back and stays back for 5 minutes, the system will switch the generator off and transfer back to mains.
  • The chiller should restart automatically (to be confirmed).
  • Once cooling water has been running successfully for 5 minutes the cooling water auto changeover system will turn the mains water off and switch the compressors cooling water back to the chiller.

UNSW contacts

Garry Peacock - Capital developments manager, UNSW Facilities

John Chung - UNSW facilities

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