We have 5 high resolution, low noise Yokogawa 7651's.

Initial Testing

AdamBurke 8 Feb 2010:

The yokogawas are labelled 1-4.

All 4 yokogawas were tested by outputting a voltage, and detecting it with a multimeter.

They were tested on each of the range settings.

On the lowest range setting (mV), there was an offset of 3-4 uV on all yokogawas.

(note that when first plugged into the multimeter the offset was 15uV, but this reduced in a few minutes, probably due to the multimeter taking a while to stablise).

On the highest range setting (V), there was an initial offset of 30-40uV for all yokogawas, but this reduced slowly as the multimeter settled.

The linearity of the output was also tested in each range. Each digit was increased and the measured voltage observed on the mutltimeter.

The measured voltage was as expected in all cases. (except the 5th digit showed an error of +-10%).

Product number/details

updated soon...

Order date=?, order number=?, delivery date=?:

Great work. Please can we ensure that the Yokogawas have "QED#" engraved on them (where #=1-5), to reduce risk of instrument diffusion. Engraving tool is in the cupboard. Jack can advise. -- AlexHamilton - 08 Feb 2010

Manuals and specs are also very uiseful to upoad.


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