Quantum Electronic Devices

20 Dec 2019
Congratulations to Dr. Karina Hudson, who has just been awarded a Dean’s Award for her Outstanding PhD Thesis.
15 Feb 2019
Matthew Rendell, QED member, is the 2019 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship winner.
10 Dec 2014
Alex Hamilton elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society "for contributions to the understanding of quantum confined holes in low dimensional semiconductor structures".
19 November 2014
Dr. Oleh Klochan and colleagues in CMP have won a UNSW Major Research Infrastructure grant to enhance the facilities for measuring the spin properties of advanced nanostructured devices.
8 November 2013
Dr. Oleh Klochan has won an ARC Discovery Early Career Fellowship to study advanced nanostructured devices - way to go Oleh!
8 November 2013
Our collaboration with researchers in Electrical Engineering at UNSW, as well as colleagues at Monash and La Trobe, was awarded a $560,000 Linkage Infrastructure grant to set up a scanning gate microscope facility.
Alex Hamilton is awarded a UNSW Scientia Professorship , which is UNSW's most prestigious Professorship.
Well done to our collaborator Dane McCamey at the University of Sydney, who has won an $800,000 grant to study electron spin resonance in collaboration with the QED group.
Grant success: Profs. Hamilton and Sushkov, with collaborators Ulrich Zuelicke in New Zealand and David Ritchie in the UK, win a $510,00 ARC Discovery grant for a joint experimental and theoretical study of holes in advanced semiconductor nanostructures.
Prof. Hamilton receives an ARC Outstanding Researcher Award .
Congratulations to Adam Micolich on the award of a highly competitive ARC Future Fellowship to enhance his work on quantum electronics. Outstanding.
13 July 2009
Two awards for QED researchers: Dr. Oleh Klochan wins a $3000 travel award from the ARC Nanotechnology Network to visit the University of Cambridge for a joint research project.
Jason Chen is awarded a scholarship to allow him to present his work at the 18th International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems (EP2DS -18) in Kobe, Japan.
Adam Micolich has won the Edgeworth David Medal, a prestigious early career award made by the Royal Society of New South Wales. The medal is awarded annually to a scientist under the age of 35 for distinguished contributions to Australian science. Previous winners include palaeontologist and former Australian of the year, Tim Flannery, and the world-leading solar cell physicist, Martin Green. Full story here.
Ted Martin wins a prize for his poster presentation at the International Conference on Electronic Materials.
Sarah has been given a scholarship to attend a summer school in the Netherlands - have fun!
UNSW research developing quantum semiconductor devices that use holes instead of electrons has earned Associate Professor Alex Hamilton and the QED group the Australasian Science Prize for 2006. More details are on the faculty website, with a story on the group’s research published in the current issue of Australasian Science.
Congratulations to Dr. Adam Micolich on scooping a prestigious Young Tall Poppy Science Award at NSW Parliament House for his work on fractal conductance fluctuations in quantum billiards and hybrid organic-inorganic superconductor materials. The Young Tall Poppy Program was established by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science to identify and acknowledge outstanding young Australian researchers. Rumour has it that Adam celebrated by buying a new bass guitar.
Dr. Adam Micolich and A/Prof Alex Hamilton win the University’s largest Discovery Project Grant – $1.3 million – for research on the quantum properties of GaAs nanostructures. The award includes a five year ARC Professorial Fellowship for A/Professor Hamilton.
PLENTY OF NOTHING: a hole new quantum spin is a media release for the popular press about our recent work.
"Electronic devices are always shrinking in size but it’s hard to imagine anything beating what researchers at the University of New South Wales have created ( read more)". Photos are available of some of the group members and the devices, as well as a conceptual web animation of how the devices work.
Warrick Clarke won the UNSW School of Physics poster competition with his poster " Holey sheets!"(jpg 277kb).
Carlin Yasin won first prize for her poster " First experimental confirmation of the universal global phase diagram"(jpg 232kb) at the Australian Institute of Physics Biennial congress, in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

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