Quantum Electronic Devices



QED group members at the Gordon Godfrey Workshop 2019


QED group members travelled to Queensland to "Idea Factory 2018",
a program aimed to bring early career researchers together focusing
on collaboration and research communication.


First year science students measuring Quantum Hall Effect in the QED group research labs p1050140_fromlr.jpg
QED group members at the Gordon Godfrey Workshop 2017 2017-MarchMeeting.jpg


QED group members at the 2014 March meeting of the American Physical Society in Denver, Colorado 2014-MarchMeeting.jpg


Photos from the 2013 Gordon Godfrey Workshop on Spins and Strong Correlations, held at UNSW November 2013 2013-GGW.jpg
Various photos from 2013 2013-Ph.jpg


QED end of year drinks and group dinner 2012-drink.jpg
More photos of QED group members at the Coogee Bay Meeting 2012-coogee.jpg
Photos from the 2012 Condensed Matter Physics workshop at the Coogee Bay Hotel 2012-workshop.jpg
Group photos taken by Mike Gal 2012-groupPhoto.jpg


Official Opening of the Vector Field Facility 2011-VFopen.jpg
Discussing physics with international visitors in QED meeting area 2011-Diss.jpg
Photos from the 2011 Gordon Godfrey Conference on Spins and Strong Correlations 2011-GGC.jpg
Daisy presents a great Honours talk on her measurements of scattering in induced 2D electrons and holes 2011-Daisy.jpg
Installing the new 3-axis vector magnet and dilution fridge 2011-VFi.JPG


David Ritchie visits QED group 2010-DR.jpg
Condensed Matter Physics at the Coogee Bay 2010 2010-Coogee.jpg
At the 2010 COMMAD conference in Canberra 2010-Commad.jpg
2010 QED BBQ 2010-BBQ.jpg
Ulrich Zuelicke visits QED group 2010-UZ.jpg
Zach and C├ęcile running the K400 fridge 2010-k400.jpg
Installing the new AC Integra dewar and performing a 15T magnet transplant 2010-dewar.jpg


2009 Gordon Godfrey Workshop and visitors to QED group 2009-GGW.jpg
Japan 2009 2009-Jap.jpg
Modifying Richard's Fridge 2009-Richard.jpg


QED Xmas BBQ 2008 2008-BBQ.jpg
Slab in the lab Friday 30 May 2008 2008-Slab.jpg


QED Xmas BBQ 2007 2007-BBQ.jpg
EP2DS Genoa 2007 2007-EP2DS.jpg

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