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Electric_field.gifCurrent_Density.gifResistive Losses.gif
Modules available:
  • AC/DC Module
  • MEMS Module
  • RF Module
  • Wave Optics Module
  • Heat Transfer Module
  • Semiconductor Module
  • Structural Mechanics Module
  • Chemical Reaction Module
  • Microfluidics Module
  • Electrochemistry Module
  • Material Library
  • Livelink for MATLAB and AutoCAD
Authorized user list:
Name zID date added School   Group
Yanfnag Wu z5037690        
Kyloon Chuah z3199862        
Anderson West z5057119        
Emily Yap z3375169        
Kok Wai Chan z3175852        
Jarryd Pla z3130261        
Matt McEwen z3415992        
Kevin Simoes z3418497        
Mykhailo Savytskyi z5119993        
Ton Nguyen z5144739        
Mihir Wagle z5015115        
Mehran Bolourian Kashi z3483872        
Felix Krauth z5095742        
Bijan Po z5080803        
Ross Leon Z3325648        
Ian Chuang z3375413        
Sven Vallely z3331024 16/11/2017 MSE   John Daniels
John Daniels z3336702 16/11/2017 MSE   John Daniels
Tom Day z5115805 21/11/2017 EE&T   Jarryd Pla
Steve Tran z5059189 21/11/2017 EE&T   Andrew Dzurak
Simone Bonaccorsi z5153942 23/01/2018 CHEM PhD student Justin Gooding
Isha Deodhar z5016962 01/03/2018 EE&T Master student Jarryd Pla
Danielle Bennett z5020515 22/03/2018 CHEM PhD student Justin Gooding
Benjamin Joecker z5137942 09/04/2018 EE&T PhD student Jarryd Pla
Christopher Escott z3020594 30/05/2018 SQC Staff Andrew Dzurak
Jane Qian z8159533 17/08/2018 CQC2T PhD student Michelle Simmons
Andre Saraiva z3527199 03/09/2018 SQC Staff Andrew Dzurak
Irene Fernandez De Fuentes z5218862 05/11/2018 EE&T PhD student Andrea Morello
Jakob Seidl z5168331 14/1/2019   PhD student Adam Micolich
Marta Miranda Sanchez z5189964 14/1/2019   PhD student Adam Micolich
Jan Gluschkle z3490512 14/1/2019   Staff Adam Micolich
Jean Ludovic Genilloud z5246118 21/03/2019 PHYS Master student Adam Micolich
Edwin Sun z5112651 25/03/2019 EE&T Honor student Andrew Dzurak
Ensar Vahapoglu z5234893 25/03/2019 EE&T PhD student Andrew Dzurak
Zeheng Wang z5228392 25/03/2019 EE&T PhD student Andrew Dzurak
Diana Zhang z3459626 17/09/2019 CHEM PhD student K M Mohibul Kabir
K M Mohibul Kabir z3520457 17/09/2019 CHEM Staff N/A
Aydin Keser z3521612 15/07/2019 PHYS Staff Oleg Sushkov
Jonathan Huang z5056467 10/02/2020 EE&T PhD student Andrew Dzurak
Karan Mehroke z5025096 16/03/2020 EE&T Honor student Jarryd Pla

How to access COMSOL at ANFF-NSW:
  • STAFF: Send a request email to Andrew See to get your account created.
  • NON-STAFF: Send a request email to Nadia for approval first .
  • Logging on: Logging into the COMSOL server.pdf
  • COMSOL is housed in the TCAD server PC, info on account creation is here: TCAD usage notes v2.pdf
  • 27-09-16 update:
    • The users are now required to make a reservation using our scheduler prior to accessing COMSOL.
    • The users can now access COMSOL via hotdesks #1, #2, #4, or via the UNSW VPN service.
License information:
  • License expired on the 1st of July 2016. Our CPU-locked license is perpetual but we no longer have support.
  • Motherboard and one of the two CPUs was replaced on the 4th of July 2016 under warranty.
  • License updated: Host ID = 0C:C4:7A:AB:9C:72 (physical address of enp5s0, the NIC port on the LHS when the servers is standing upright)
  • The above address can be checked using the command:
    ifconfig | grep -C2
How to find out who is accessing comsol and how to terminate comosl processes
  • Use the 'who-comsol' command to see who is accessing it
  • Use the 'sudo pkill comsol' command to kill all comosl processes


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