Breast Augmentation; What should women know before applying breast surgeries

To change the structure or the shape of a breast is known as the process of Breast Augmentation. Women use this process for various purposes, some are medically recommended like for example for breast cancer patients breast augmentation may be a way to recover that breast portion physically. Some women use this Breast Augmentation process to enhance their breast to their desired size. Nowadays due to rise in social media and entertainment changing the way your body look like is the highlight of today’s world. Many women are using this procedure to enhance their breasts, this process is also known as the “Boob Job”.

When it comes to breast augmentation there are two types of ways through which you can perform the breast augmentation. The first type of breast augmentation is through the saline breast implants and the second type is the silicone breast implants. The physical appearance of both the breast implants is almost same after three or four months. Another common thing about both of these breast implants is that they can rupture but the physical appearance is slightly different in both cases of rupture.

As breasts are of different shapes and profiles so when breast augmentation is applied it is asked by the professionals to the customers that which type of shape and profile of breast implants they need. There are some different technicalities of doing the breast implants when there are different shape of breast implants in demand as compared to the shape and size of the woman’s chest. These technicalities do affect the approach of doing the breast implants. For example, if there is a woman who has a small chest and wants large breast implants then the breast augmentation would require high profile breast implants, this approach will be best suited for the customer.

For these type of breast surgeries there are advantages and disadvantages for both of the options. For instance the silicone breast implants main advantage is that it has a more natural look than the saline breast implants which is due to the rippling effect that appears on the saline breast implants. The main disadvantage for the silicone breast implants is that if the silicon implants are ruptured then the patients would not know because of the natural look while in the case of saline breast implants the patients would know because when rupture happens in the saline breast implants the breasts are flattened due to which the patient would acknowledge the change of the shape of the breasts. When it comes to surgeries there are always some difficulties so the patients should know it before going for the breast augmentation. Difficulties are such as the bleeding phase of the surgery, infection, collection of the fluid and the scar of the breast implants can become thicker. There can also be a slight change of the sensational area around the nipple due to the breast augmentation so patients should first make sure and get advice from the professionals of the regarding field before making any decision.
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