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Since roughly ten years ago, doctors have been prescribing Lamictal, also known as lamotrigine, to treat epileptic seizures. Lamictal has been given to patients with bipolar disorder or manic-depressive episodes because it also has antidepressant benefits in addition to its ability to stabilize mood. Lamictal may be the first medicine administered for bipolar individuals with more severe forms of the disorder, according to some researchers. The rate of unhealthful mood swings is frequently increased by antidepressants taken for bipolar disorder, although appear to have a similar Lamictal Side Effects.

Lamictal is a broad-spectrum anti-epileptic medication. This indicates that it successfully manages both generalized and partial-onset epilepsy. It is believed to accomplish this by blocking sodium channels and decreasing the release of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter. Lamictal comes in tablets of various shapes and strengths, with children's dosages accessible as tiny pills.

There is a fairly dangerous adverse effect associated with Lamictal that manifests as an allergy. The drug has the potential to induce a very significant skin rash, which in the worst cases can be fatal. About 10% of all patients received this potentially fatal rash when Lamictal was originally administered, which is a dreadful rate of adverse reaction. However, as time went on, doctors discovered that the risk of experiencing this allergic reaction decreased. Patients can become accustomed to Lamictal and prevent the rash by starting with a very low dosage and gradually raising it to an effective level.

The drug appears to have very few unwanted side effects to save this rash. Ankle swelling has been a complaint from a few patients, and for some, the treatment was ineffective. No issues with weight gain have been reported, which is unusual for antidepressant drugs. Lamictal is a medicine that is transferred through breast milk, although its effects during pregnancy have not been researched. Lamictal should not be used during pregnancy unless essential because it is unknown what harm the medicine may do to unborn children. Lamictal users shouldn't ever breastfeed.

Contact a lawyer right away to discuss your options and to see if you can file a lawsuit to change the labeling and warnings about the side effects of Lamictal Lawyer if you or a loved one has experienced negative side effects from the medication and believes that you were not adequately warned about these risks.

The active ingredient in some drugs, Lamictal, also known as lamotrigine, may cause allergies in those who experience these rashes. After taking the drug, you can potentially get oral blisters or have a TENS reaction, which can be quite harmful. The greatest thing you can do to prevent such a negative response is to consult your doctor before receiving a prescription for an anticonvulsant that contains this component. Although serious adverse effects are uncommon, they have been known to occur occasionally, so it's best to be safe than sorry.

When you purchase medication, it is important to read the drug information sheet to ensure there aren't any side effects that could result from taking it alone or in combination with other medications. You should educate yourself as much as you can about these types of medications to be prepared for what can occur when you take them. When taking drugs containing Lamictal, swelling of the lips and tongue has incredibly infrequently also happened. These skin rashes can range in severity from very minor to very serious.

It is very advised that anyone who develops such a rash get quick medical help. You will be able to take injectable medications that will help reduce any swelling and completely stop the rash. The sooner you seek medical attention from a hospital or doctor, the better your prognosis will be. Despite how unlikely they are, certain drugs have been known to cause fatalities occasionally. You must be very confident that you are aware of the hazards and are ready to receive treatment if you have any unfavorable side effects when taking an anticonvulsant for bipolar disorder or epilepsy.

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