How to Prevent and Remove Neck Wrinkles

The wrinkles on your neck are one of the parts that make you look older. There are many people who do their best to take care of their facial skin, but not their neck. There are many causes of neck wrinkles, such as bad posture, overuse of smart phones, and inappropriate pillows. Here are some massage and skincare tips to take care of wrinkles and sagging neck.

6 Causes" of Neck Wrinkles

1: Skin damage such as dryness and friction

Skin tends to dry out easily due to exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays, and friction from clothing tends to occur as well. Avoid scrubbing with nylon towels at all costs!

2: Loss of skin elasticity and atrophy of subcutaneous fat

The skin of the neck is thinner than other parts of the body and is prone to loss of collagen in the dermis and atrophy of subcutaneous fat. The loss of elasticity and firmness causes wrinkles to appear.

3: Poor posture and stiffness in the upper body

Using a smartphone or PC for a long period of time every day causes the neck to slouch forward, resulting in poor posture. This also causes stiffness in the head, shoulders, back, and other parts of the upper body, leading to wrinkles on the sides of the neck.

4: Obesity and swelling

As adults age, their metabolism tends to slow down, causing them to gain weight and swell. This can lead to the formation of bumps on the neck, making horizontal wrinkles more noticeable!

5: Bedding does not suit your body

If your pillow is too high, your neck will stay wrinkled for a long time, which will have a negative effect on the wrinkles on the sides of your neck. A mattress that sinks into your lower back creates the same situation, so be careful!

6: Deterioration of mass and loosening of the wide neck muscles

When the membrane called "Sumas" that connects the front of the ear to the neck and the broad neck muscles that connect the mouth to the front of the neck to the upper chest deteriorate with age, vertical wrinkles also appear!

6 ways to prevent this neck wrinkles

1: Don't stay in the same position for a long time.

"It's a good idea to keep your eyes on the road, but it's not always easy. You should look at your phone and PC from various angles and heights without fixing your posture. In any case, it is important not to spend too much time looking forward and down.

2: Keep standing even while sleeping

"There are many functional and expensive pillows available. There are many functional and expensive pillows out there, but the best thing to do is to wrap a bath towel around yourself and adjust the height to suit you. (Ms. Mizui)

3: Stretch your upper body frequently.

(Ms. Mizui) "Even simple stretches, if done frequently, can prevent the weakening of the masses and the loosening of the broad neck muscles. The trick is not to do it too hard, as it may damage the skin and muscles." (Ms. Gomi)

4: Wrinkle care items + lymphatic massage

"The neck area needs to be treated not only for wrinkles but also for sagging skin. Apply a facial product with a smooth and easy to spread texture and then carefully massage the lymphatic system from the neck to the décolleté to improve circulation, moisture, and elasticity. You can comfortably treat both vertical and horizontal wrinkles.

5: Neck and décolleté products are also effective

"Of course, you can use facial products, but neck and décolleté products have recently become quite advanced, so I recommend using them to care for your neck! (Dr. Takako)

6: Exfoliation of the neck area

"The area around the neck has a rough texture and can easily accumulate dead skin cells, so it is best to exfoliate once or twice a week. The best products are those with fine particles that are gentle on the skin, or those that contain oil and have a high moisturizing effect.

3 Ways to stretche and massage

1: "Easy Stretch for Neck and Shoulder" from POLA Beauty tipa

Stretch your neck, shoulders and back!

2: Higuchi's Simple 3-step Wrinkle Improvement Method

When you spend a lot of time looking at your smartphone, lymph and blood flow become stagnant, causing wrinkles and swelling to appear on your neck. After relaxing your scalp, stretch and massage your neck to take care of it! (Ms. Higuchi)

Step 1: Repeat the "Iweos
Place your right hand under your collarbone and raise your chin slightly while pulling your pectoral muscles downward. Move your mouth widely and repeat "Ayee-woo-a-o" 10 times.

Step 2: Clipping the wrinkles from outside to inside
Pinch the wrinkles of the neck vertically with the belly of your thumb and the second joint of your index finger, and tug from the outside to the inside, clipping in small increments.

Step 3: Lymphatic drainage
After flushing the left cervical lymph node from top to bottom with the five fingers of your right hand, stimulate the clavicle lymph node with the five fingers of your right hand while placing the five fingers of your left hand on the cervical lymph node. Do this five times, alternating left and right.

3: Relaxing the sternocleidomastoid muscle

Step 1: 5 sets from top to bottom
Place both thumbs on the sternocleidomastoid muscle on both sides of the neck and gently relax it from under the ear to the clavicle. This will refresh your neck, which has been sticking out to the side due to stiffness and swelling.

Step 2: Lift the neck from under the chin to under the ears to the collarbone.
Gradually increase the pressure for 5 sets on each side. (1) Place the belly of your middle finger in the hollow under your chin, (2) move up through the hollow of your face line to under your ears, and (3) move down from your neck to your collarbone.

Step 3: Push the lymph away from the center of the chest to the armpits.
Place the entire palm of your hand on the center of your chest and push the lymph away from the center of your chest toward your armpits, once on each side. Do 5 sets with a strength that feels good.

3 skincare methods

*1: How to exfoliate your skin*
Step 1: Apply gommage or scrub with your hands in a gentle circular motion.
Step 2: Moisturize with lotion pack. "Wrap your neck with a tissue that has been soaked in lotion and seal it with plastic wrap for about three minutes to keep your neck moisturized.
Step 3: Cover with a cream that has a high penetration rate into the skin. "Finally, apply a neck cream or milky lotion that easily penetrates the skin. For best results, massage from top to bottom to get the lymph flowing.

*2: How to apply neck and décolleté cream*
Step 1: Spread neck and décolleté cream (or face cream) on both hands and smooth it from top to bottom of the neck.
Step 2: Apply the remaining cream on your hands to your décolleté to moisturize.
Step 2: Use facial skincare devices to promot obsorption. We recommend L&L SKin beauty devices such as MIO2 or MAMI to help you do the facial massage!
L&L Skin Offcial Website:

Since the décolleté is located in the center of the body and is prone to sweat and other secretions, a small amount is sufficient.

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