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Waiting for a good job Waiting for the perfect relationship.


a good time. And even while waiting for the correct email or a textual response.

Did you ever wait for something and, in retrospect Streamate, realized how much time was lost? I know that I have done it and I also know the pain of not being able to recover those lost minutes, weeks or even years; they left forever. But I do not pretend to be morbid here, but suggest creative, positive and even risky ideas about what is coming, what is real, what can control and what may or may not be. , whatever your efforts or the duration of your efforts. wait.

First, there are three types of waiting: wait for something to start, wait for something to end or wait for something to improve, change or even recover.

But whatever the expectation or expectation, the consequences are always the same: frustration, disappointment, regret, fear and even anger, and even more, according to the magnitude or meaning of what we expect

Waiting for Mr. or Mrs. until you are seventy is not wise Streamate. Waiting for the right professional position after moving from one job to another for twenty years can prevent the proper work from being carried out. Wait years before a bad relationship ends or the other person ends the relationship when they both know that it is not or was not supposed to be or that it was not a wise decision they made. Taken before, it can cause a lot of stress, resentmentand

bitterness. Do you wait for your children to finally understand the concept of responsibility? Do you expect your employees to finally show respect, loyalty or motivation?

Waiting for your retirement for the vacations of your life? And then your partner dies before you leave.

Waiting for decades of promotion, recognition or an increase, well, maybe it's time to change. While you expect to really live and have fun until you win the lottery, well, you may want to rethink your purpose in life. Waiting weeks, or even months, for the right client or the right client to come forward. You may want to rethink your sales or marketing strategies.

Do you need more examples or did I understand?

Having said all of the above, I want to make it clear that I am not against expectations for, for the right reasons, for the right time or for the right, optimal or appropriate results.

Are there common emotions, expectations or attitudes that can contribute to a waiting mentality? In my experience, I think there are ten main ones; Hope, fear, desire, insecurity, self-esteem, ego needs, impatience, need for control, dreams

and / or

arrogance. I do not have time, and I'm sure you do not either, to delve into each of those points. Let me see if I can give you some synthesis points to consider if you have been guilty of waiting unnecessarily. , wait for something now or want, note that I said I want and

can not

expect something in the future of Streamate

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