Top 10 Best Personas In Persona 5 Royal: An Ultimate List

One of the most significant aspects of most of the Persona games that we have today is Personas. Persona 5 Royal offers the opportunity for people to select one out of 200 different personas within the game, which is amazing.

With this vast number of personas available, it becomes practically difficult for people to choose a persona that suits them. There are different personas available, and they each have their unique functions. For example, a Persona like Pokemons helps in fighting. Another key thing to note is that Personas all have their respective unique stats, and this influences how you choose them. The idea is to only go for a persona that offers the best stat, especially when it comes to their combat ability.

Also, the fact that there are so many personas in the game doesn’t automatically imply that you just go about choosing any person you find. Basically, not all personas will help you, and some of these personas tend to be more prevalent than others. Therefore, you need to be strategic whenever you choose these personas. Some of the best personas for you to choose from are Ann, Sert, Bugs, and many more.

Continue reading to find out some of the best personas that can help you in battles. These are some of the most dominant in terms of finishes and combats, and you can rest assured that they will give you quick victories in battle.

Concept of Personas in Persona 5 Royal

Before we begin with these personas, let us have a quick recap on the concept of Personas. Continue reading to find out more.

The main way to progress in any Persona game is to acquire and fuse more personas in the game. This also applies to persona 5 game. While some personas can be acquired by fusing, the bulk of the other personas is acquired through metaverse negotiations. There’s also the option to collect personas, but this depends on whether you want to spend the extra time collecting these personas rather than just fusing them. The key thing to remember is that you’ll get the best results from fusing, and not the other way around.

Another interesting thing to note about personas is that they usually have different elemental affinitiesand can learn spells according to these affinities. The main thing to note about these elements is that they are mostly dependent on the enemy. With that said, let us examine some of the best personas that you can find in the persona 5 royal game.

What are the Top Personas in Persona 5 Royal?

Here are some of the top personas in persona 5 royal that is considered to be the best:


The persona shines in terms of physical damage and has mastered the magic in lightning. Yoshitsune also has many other abilities, and his trait contributes to the double damage he deals with. He has a retaliating body, and this is alongside a high counter rate augmented by his abilities. When you teach this persona,drain or repel abilities will make you untouchable.


Here’s an ultimate persona that was given to Joker to finish Yaldabaoth. However, you have to wait until a new game and a playthrough before you can obtain this persona, but the good thing is that he’s worth the wait. This is because the persona can carry out heavy curse attacks and nuclear and gun attacks. It’s worth noting that the elemental abilities of this persona are a lot more diverse compared to many other personas that you’ll find in the game.


This is another leading persona that can absorb curses and physical damage with ease. Also, the persona is resistant to ice, wind, electricity, and fire. Therefore, you’ll not be so much disturbed about getting hurt when you use this persona. Another interesting thing about the persona is that he gains a heat riser, and this serves to increase agility, defense, and attack for up to three turns.


This is considered to be the best ice-based persona within the game, and the persona has learned both ice age and diamond dust, all of which are strong and massive damages. Another impressive thing about the persona is that it also offers the highest damage output within the game, but this is after successfully learning other attacks.


When it comes to the best recoveries, Maria persona is among the best that you can choose in the persona 5 game. The most powerful healing spell in the game is salvation, and this spell helps to restore the health of other members, as well as treat and cure them. It’s a persona that you should also consider when you play the game.

There are many other personas in the game that you might want to consider, but if you’re unsure about which one to choose, you can select from the list above.

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