What Is The Blueberry Gelato Strain?

Blueberry gelato strain , also known as Blue Gelato #41, is a sweet hybrid that has a lot to offer. Sour Blueberry Aroma is an ideal lazy day strain that mixes blueberries and the infamous Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain to create something new and truly delicious (some sources say they even had sherbert genetics mixed into their phenotypes). From the fruity terpene profile to the psychedelic, high-spirited clarity of each drag, Blue Gelato rarely disappoints. The Netherlands wouldn't be the same without it.

Most blue gelato phenotype flowers are blues and purples with fluffy cone colored nags, long amber hairs and cyan blue crystalline trichomes. The plant is known among growers for its thick, sweet resin that practically seals its flowers. Blue Gelato is easy to obtain from growers and easy to grow, making it a favorite strain for novice growers to experiment with. It grows indoors and outdoors with a remarkably short flowering period of no more than 50 days.

Growers tip: The Blue Gelato plant can grow up to 200cm tall, with 3000g usable buds if you use it well. Growers who use it to concentrate their crops can make great use of Blue Gelato due to its high-volume resin production. This makes it visually beautiful in your garden. Just remember to cut the plant in the second half of October if you grow it outside to control its growth.

Terpenes in blue gelato include carinine, pinene, and ocimin. Carine imparts a citrus oil aroma, almost with a hint of rosemary. Pine brings out herbal scents like pine breath. The combination is similar to an earthy glass of grape juice or herbal-infused tea. Ocimene again emphasizes the woody flavor. The overall profile is a mix of softly sour, citrus, blueberry, herbs and woods.

THC levels are as high as 29%, which promotes a sense of complete clarity and even heavy relaxation. The clear headed feeling is perfect for a lazy afternoon sitting at home enjoying your psychedelic fruit cocktail. You will feel lucid and a bit nervous but also a bit energetic. The combination of clarity, calmness, focus, energy and grounding makes Blue Gelato a great strain for yoga and other relaxing activities.

As you relax into your sour breath, you will feel your frustration and stress leave you. Feeling calm can ease ADD and ADHD symptoms as well as mood swings. Light citrus energy can help you recover from fatigue. For a nice heaviness, Blue Gelato is the go-to treat.

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