Do you increase the chances of securing a visa when hiring an immigration agent?

An immigration agent's job is to help you in your quest to secure a visa for Australia. They will ensure that you have all the necessary documents, and they will put together a strategy that will be best suited for you.

They know how high the demands are in the documentation and what options you have for visas. While it isn't right to say that the best immigration agent would guarantee you a visa, but by hiring one, your chances of securing the visa increase significantly. Also, advisors typically work with large companies and businesses and know which visas give them priority processing times or even fast-tracked services that attract lower fees (higher level 457 visa instead of temporary graduate).

The only case where an immigration agent might not increase your chances of securing a visa is if you are applying for the wrong type of visa in the first place. However, if you have all the documentation needed to secure a 457 Skilled Visa, an agent will help.

  1. The process will become very clear. Your immigration agent will keep you updated on what to do at each step of the application process. This means that there is no way you can miss any important information. As an example, in one instance, my client was not fully aware of what 'GCMS' meant in their migration agent's email, so she didn't know if it needed to be attached or not when uploading her documents online. Minor mistakes like this are costly and time-consuming to fix later down the line during processing times, especially when under a tight deadline for lodgement.
  1. An immigration agent has expertise and experience with visa applications and lodging. They can tell if something is missing or incorrect right away, which will save you the heartache of having to fill out another application form when it's too late. Most applications are valid for 12 months, so if your agent lodges your application with the wrong fee or in the incorrect format, then it might be rejected.
  1. Hiring an immigration agent gives you peace of mind because no one knows your case better than them. Since they know what documents need to be attached and filled out correctly, you don't have to worry about anything because everything that needs to be done has been taken care of already!
  1. An immigration agent knows the process inside and out; they know which visas give priority processing times (for example, 457visas, which are temporary graduate visas). They know how to avoid unnecessary things that will waste your time.
  1. Although an agent may not be able to guarantee you a visa, their expertise certainly increases your chances of getting one. For example, agents know what documents are being prioritised by the Department of Immigration. They also have experience with lodging applications under strict deadlines, so if your application is close to being rejected due to insufficient documentation, they would say something about it immediately before it's too late!
  1. An immigration agents' fees are tax-deductible as they are classed as 'professional business expenses'. So you don't necessarily need to pay upfront for any services; only once the visa has been granted or refused do you need to pay your agent, and then you can claim their fees from the tax office as a deduction.
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