How To Choose The Best iPhone Mobile Screen Provider?

Considering buying an iPhone mobile screen replacement by iphone screen agent? Read this article for tips on which company will best meet your needs. This guide covers LG Display, BOE, and Apple. Also, learn about iCracked, an alternative that claims to fix the iPhone's screen for half the price! You'll soon be on your way to having a new screen for your iPhone! And, don't forget to read our iPhone screen repair tips, too!

LG Display

LG Display has signed a deal with Apple to supply its OLED and LCD panels for the 2018 iPhone lineup. According to news sources, the South Korean company will supply Apple with 20 million OLED and LCD smartphone panels in 2018. It is not clear how many OLED screens will be supplied by LG. The Korean firm will continue to supply Samsung with LCD panels as the demand for OLED panels is declining. However, the iPhone's demand for OLED panels may increase in 2018.

However, in the past, LG Display was a key iPhone mobile screen supplier. It used to be a major rival to Samsung, which is now Apple's main screen supplier. Apple benefited from having two suppliers for iPhone screens, as the two companies provided redundancy in its supply chain and negotiating power. However, this strategy has led to a downward spiral for the Korean company. Now, the company may be reevaluating its plans in the mobile screen market.


While Samsung and LG are the major display suppliers of Apple, BOE has managed to claw its way into Apple's exclusive list of OLED suppliers. However, the company's flexible OLED panels have yet to pass the final validation of Apple. Therefore, it might not be seen on the iPhone 12's first batch but could be spotted on handsets as early as 2021. Apple's reliance on LG is set to increase in the short term unless BOE can make its screens.

Last year, Apple had a major complaint against the Chinese display company. The Chinese company reportedly changed the specifications of the iPhone display panels without the consent of Apple. After receiving complaints from Apple, BOE sent a C-level executive and employees to the company's headquarters to explain why they changed the screen without approval. Apple was not impressed with this explanation, and the company ended up dumping them. It is uncertain if Apple will continue to work with BOE to manufacture panels for the iPhone with iphone screen provider.


A few weeks ago, the Electronic Times reported that Apple had decided to replace LG with a mysterious new mobile screen provider. While LG currently supplies LCD screens for Apple's lower-end handsets, the move could be a sign of future change. Apple is set to introduce 5G technology with this year's iPhones. The decision to change display providers will likely affect the prices for all of Apple's handsets. The company will also likely keep BOE as a supplier in the long run, which may be a bargaining chip.

Previously, BOE only produced screens for refurbished iPhones and did not supply OLED panels for the iPhone 13 and up. But since the company has demonstrated its manufacturing capabilities and quality control, it has been hired to supply screens for Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models and will split orders with Samsung. However, BOE has recently suffered a shortage of display driver chips, which has negatively affected its output. In the short term, the company hopes to win over Apple's business and grow its supply chain.


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