PayDo Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

What is Paydo? This is a high quality and easy to use service. The interface is easy to navigate, and if you get lost, the Paydo website always has a support team to help you. The service gives you the flexibility to choose your payment method. You have your own personal e-wallet so you can send and receive money instantly.

Customers in Australia choose Paydo because the service supports online transactions abroad. Entrepreneurs and employees of various fields of business can open a bank account online Europe without much hassle and make payments instantly.

Review Online Banking

Paydo has partnerships with world-famous processors such as Visa and Mastercard. This allows Paydo customers to register and gain access to their own online bank Australia. Moreso, send and receive information about you or your company to and from an IBAN in Australia and Europe. You can use SWIFT, SEPA or TARGET2 services in your local currency, EUR or GBP.

How Does Paydo Work?

As mentioned above, the service is an official partner of well-known processors, but it is also certified as compliant with PCI DSS, a globally recognized security standard, so that's the answer to whether Paydo is legit. This makes Paydo sustainable and legal for our clients. This standard requires certain actions to ensure the security of user data. Their storage and transmission should not be open to hacker attacks. This system is an evolution of the well-known service of American Express, Visa, JCB, Mastercard to fully use online business banking.

The system allows banking organisations, many service providers, retailers, call centres and payment gateways to legally conduct any payment transactions within their online bank in Australia. Data processing and storage meets the highest global financial security requirements set by the FCA.

The service is PCI DSS protected, which means that PayDo is legitimate and all accounts are also protected by 3D-secure financial technology. It is an advanced fraud prevention solution that ensures that all users of the platform are fully protected with their card information. Is Paydo safe? Since it has its own risk and financial control department to provide the clients with security. It employs experts who check suspicious transactions and fix any problems.

Features of Online Banking Paydo

Customers often comment on the benefits of using Paydo online banking services. More specifically, first of all, novice users will like and trust the fact that the service stores all their funds in a segregated European account. Other features are as follows:
  • The service has official partnerships with Mastercard and Visa processors.
  • You will receive details of your European IBAN account in Euro currency. It contains your personal or business information. You can receive and pay out in EUR as well as GBP across Europe using SEPA, TARGET2 and SWIFT.
  • Depending on what type of business you are in, the EU and some other countries offer flexible rates. The difference is calculated depending on how risky your business is or what type of company you represent. Each request is considered individually.
  • Personal accounts are available in four currencies. US dollars, pounds sterling, euros and Australian dollars for outgoing payments. In addition, over 200 different currencies can be used to process payments. Currencies are calculated online at the rate of the issuing bank.
  • All card data is encrypted in accordance with PCI DSS standards, and 3D secure on-going verification is performed during storage and processing of transactions. is a security system that blocks hacker attacks when funding an account and receiving a payment.
To get fully acquainted with the prices for the Paydo service, consider a business account with a low level of risk. The account opening fee will be equal to 100 EUR, and the service cost is free. For bank transfers:
  • Incoming SEPA - 1 EUR;
  • Incoming International - 1 EUR;
  • Outgoing SEPA payment - 0.1% + 10.00 EUR;
  • Outgoing International - 0.2% + 25.00 EUR.
The price of Paydo services depends on many factors. If you make money transfers, the amount will vary depending on who the recipient is:
  • Transfer to Paydo users - 0.5%;
  • Transfer to Visa, Mastercard in EUR - 3.5% + 4.00 EUR.
If the service includes other services, the price will change depending on your company risk level, , the scope of activities you conduct and the size of your company. There is also a separate price list for personal account services.

As you can see from this Paydo review, their services have many useful features and reasonable price points that make it convenient for your business. Of the shortcomings, only unexpected problems may arise as with any payment service. However, the company's specialists are always ready to give a hand.
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