9 Proven Benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3) For Scalp + Hair Damage Repair

You may have already realized that taking the best care of our health starts with eating healthy foods regularly and that's the same to maintain the condition and health that our hair is in! There are a variety of nutrients that are required to keep your hair healthy and condition, niacin is definitely an essential vitamin.

In every part in your body, Niacinalso known in the form of Vitamin B3 -- supports healthy, stronger, and lusher hair. If applied topically to your hair and scalp it can dramatically enhance the appearance, texture and overall health that your hair has.

If you're seeking more lustrous hair or keep your hair healthier and stronger hair, here's the advantages of niacin to the scalp and hair health.

What Is Niacin (Vitamin B3) and How Is It Used in Products?

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin is an essential water-soluble vitamin that is essential for your external and internal health. In reality, niacin is great for hair essential for each and every part of your body! Although your overall health is dependent on the proper consumption of nutrition, that includes all the complex B Vitamins, the vitamin niacin can be frequently used to enhance beauty specifically when it comes to the hair and skin.

Before we get into the health benefits of B3, it's essential to look at the two types of this crucial nutritional element: niacinamide and the nicotinic acid. Both chemical forms have their own impact on the human body. This is the reason you must be aware of the products you are using, in relation to the ingredients they are made up of.

In reality when consumed orally in large doses, niacin could cause a the niacin flush, an effect that causes blood vessels that surround the skin to expand, leading to an intense burning or tingling sensation. However, niacinamide does cause this effect.

Niacinamide is a milder version of niacin. It offers benefits not just to the hair and scalp as well as your eyes and skin! In the form of a cosmetic product Niacinamide aids in fighting the signs of ageing.

Furthermore to this, one of the great aspects of B3 is the fact that it functions in synergy with other nutrients that are beneficial which enhances the overall positive effects. This is the reason why you should invest in high-quality treatments for your hair, such as Scandinavianbiolabs Scalp Care and Hair Repair It is formulated using ingredients to nourish and condition and improve hair appear healthier over time!

Niacin in Scandinavianbiolabs's Fenugen Technology

Scandinavianbiolabs Hair Repair and scalp care is the first particular hair repairs and scalp treatment which provide targeted protection and repair of the harm caused by chemicals sun, heat, aging and pollution as well as buildup.

Scandinavianbiolabs's Tips to Reboot Your Hair Roots each one of them has a patent-pending Fenugen technology that encapsulates the high antioxidants and nutrients found in the fenugreek seed. In addition, fenugreek seed are high in protein, and high in nicotinic acid , which helps to prevent hair loss dryness, dry scalp, and to treat dandruff.

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds for Scalp + Hair

The seeds of Fenugreek contain flavonoids (protects hair from damage caused by environmental factors) amino acids (building proteins) as well as saponins (antioxidant substances) as well as alkaloids and vitamins B, A C folic acid biotin, iron, and Niacin. Furthermore, fenugreek's seeds are rich in the fatty acid Lecithin, which improves the structural qualities of hair, creating healthy, shiny, and healthier hair.

Based on the findings of research on this revolutionary ingredient, Scandinavianbiolabs harnessed the potential of this remarkable herb with extensive research into an eco-extraction method that uses the fenugreek seeds and extracts them to increase its nutritional benefits . It is an intricate 5x stronger than the fenugreek seeds on their own.

9 Niacin ( Vitamin B3) Benefits for Scalp + Hair Health

Niacin is a ingredient that is used throughout the range of shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers. It is able to improve the appearance and condition of your hair and skin.

While niacinamide naturally occurs in a variety of foods, including eggs, meats and even veggies, advantages of taking it orally might not be as swift or efficient as a topical scalp and hair treatment and it's highly efficient when it comes to administering Niacin to promote optimal hair and scalp health.

It doesn't matter if you're trying to boost the balance of moisture in your hair or want to improve the visible condition of your scalp, this list of B3-based products will make for your hair.
  1. May Improves a Healthier Condition of Hair Follicles
Niacin can improve the health of your hair and scalp particularly when you use cosmetic products that give your hair continuous external and internal assistance.

This is crucial as hair follicles can be particularly sensitive and susceptible to damage due to an oxidative stressor like accumulation and environmental pollution. The hair's skin is similar to skin elsewhere on your body, it is also in need of specific nutrients, in this instance it is Niacin. If your hair (and hair) is not getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy hair loss could be a possibility. In the end, your scalp is a living, viable tissue, and a deficiency of nutrients and oxygen can affect the growth of hair cells as well as their health.
  1. Promotes the Look + Feel of Thicker Hair
Have you ever heard that decrease in blood flow may cause the loss of hair? As we age, hair strands' size decreases, and niacin is an essential nutrition that aids in promoting the appearance and feel of hair that is thicker! Niacin helps in the stimulation of hair growth as well in one of the most important studies, that was published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, researchers found that niacin enhanced hair's fullness.

We tried a variety of different approaches in the Scandinavianbiolabs Aging Acceleration reboot to bring hair to its original youthfulness. In order to improve hair's dynamics and flexibility, we employed ingredients to rebalance damaged areas on the shaft of hair, and increased the porosity and lubricity. We employed the most powerful ingredients to prevent hair splits and breakage and added nourishing ingredients to increase hair flexibility and are combined with cuticle saving ingredients to improve shine, smoothness ease of use, and softness.
  1. Enhances the moisture balance of your scalp
If your scalp is dry, damaged , and affected, your hair is going to be affected. Niacin can keep dry hair from developing and prevent the growth of dandruff by conditioning the scalp and locking hair moisture. In clinical research, niacin has found to affect DNA repair that could be a result of any possible DNA damage to the hair and scalp from the stressors of oxidation.

When you use the Scandinavianbiolabs Thermal Obsession made using hyaluronic acid as well as marine extracts and more than a dozen silky butters and oils, moisture is trapped in the scalp and hair strands. It is due to niacin's capability to boost skin proteins and the ceramides that make up hair's lipid barrier which prevents dryness.
  1. Improves The Efficiency of Protein Synthesis
Niacinamide boosts protein synthesis often referred to as keratin synthesis as described in this study. The hair shaft is composed of 99 percent protein. That means that a deficiency of B3 could affect the hair's strength and, consequently affects overall development and health.

Topical Niacinamide provides stabilizing effects to the scalp microbiome as well as promoting increased levels of protein, which is a vital nutrient to more flexible, stronger and elastic hair. While facial skin can rapidly be damaged by sun the scalp is extremely susceptible to damage when exposed ultraviolet rays for a prolonged duration of time. The solution we propose is Scandinavianbiolabs Sun and Sweat it a sun-blocking as well as a chlorine blocker and the hard-water fighting restart that soothes your scalp while also repairing and protecting hair damaged. In just three uses our studies in clinical trials show an increase in the strength of hair by as much as 83.6 percent as well as an increase in the hydration of hair up to 125% and and an increase in shine to 40.3 percent, while also improving hair flexibility to 140.6 percent, as well as reducing split-ends to 89 percent!
  1. Reduces Scalp Inflammation
There are many skin diseases caused by inflammation which could negatively affect the scalp, hair the development in your hair. In some instances an autoimmune disorder can result in excessively dry skin and other symptoms such as itching and dandruff.

Researchers discovered while treatment for acne that Vitamin B3 may help in the treatment of inflammatory lesions, without causing any adverse consequences. Since the vitamin is both safe and efficient for treating scalp and hair, topical products that contain vitamin B3 could be a viable long-term solution to alleviate an inflamed or itchy scalp.

If you frequently use hot styling tools or dye your hair, be sure to apply niacin regularly to fight inflammation and restore the strength of your hair. The Scandinavianbiolabs Chemical Conflict scalp treatment includes South African Rooibos in addition to niacin which may provide an even more powerful anti-inflammatory effect for your scalp than Vitamin B3 on its own.
  1. Protects Against Environmental Damage
Niacinamide is often regarded as the niacin derivative because of the ability to boost cell turnover, and could lower the risk of developing skin cancer as documented in this study in 2017..

As research indicates that vitamin B3 could begin DNA repair and increase the rate of reproduction in cells Treatments that contain this vitamin could aid in the healing of skin damage caused from pollution or the UV rays of the sun.

If you work or live in an urban setting fight oxidative stress caused by pollution, which can cause hair loss by shielding the hair's surface from harmful pollutants by using Scandinavianbiolabs Pollution Attack.
  1. Helps Regulate Scalp + Hair Oil Production
Hair build-up is a problem that can affect not just the appearance and feel and appearance of hair. It also hinders affects its growth. These include excessive sebum as well as particulate matter resulting from pollution dead skin cells and products for styling hair. This may cause inflammationand hair loss and affect how hair grows.

Research has shown that topical niacinamide could affect Sebum excretion and production. The study was that was published in Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy revealed that when subjects were treated with the topical use of 2% niacinamide the overall rate of sebum extraction was substantially lower at the end of two weeks and after four weeks.

Because too much oil may result in sebaceous glands becoming blocked, which can cause itching as well as uncomfortable. It's essential to treat your scalp if it's incredibly oily. In this situation the product scandinavianbiolabs Product Overload uses Brazilian black clay as well as European bio-active silt to boost the cleansing process by eliminating excessive oil dead skin cells and hair impurities via capillary action.
  1. Helps You Achieve A More Even Complexion
Like the skin on your face, exposure to sun for a long time can cause damages and, in this instance hyperpigmentation, not only to the skin, but also to the scalp! The melanocytes (a specific kind cells) to create melanosomes which may then alter the hair's pigmentation. While niacin doesn't end melanosomes but it has been demonstrated to block the release of pigment granules.
  1. Supports An Anti-Aging Regimen
One of the major advantages of niacin can be its capacity to diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Studies have shown that niacin may aid in keeping skin looking younger thanks to its circulation-boosting properties which increase not just hair's thickness but also strengthen hair! It is important to know that niacin may help fight the loss of epidermis and dermis, which is common as we agedue to the ability of niacin to maintain and repair healthy skin.

Hair growth and niacin are inextricably linked since vitamin B increases energy levels and increases blood flow into the hair. Like niacin's function in enhancing the condition of hair follicles the constant flow of oxygen has to be in place to help support the cellular and metabolic functions. Since niacin can be used to boost the supply of oxygento skin cells, they are able to be greatly benefited.

Applying an antioxidant-rich scalp serum and hair treatment that is formulated with vitamin B3, such as Scandinavianbiolabs Age Acceleration is a solution for hair loss, and provides volume and body to thin and thin hair. It has been proven clinically to increase hair's thickening by 20% over 3 treatments over the course of three nights.
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