7 Tips For Keeping Your Customers Engaged Digitally

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For companies that want to strengthen their customer relationships and grow, there’s no better way than to make sure your customers feel engaged with your brand. If you want to keep customers coming back to your business, follow these seven tips for keeping your customers engaged digitally so you can build stronger relationships with them over time.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Customers Engaged Digitally

1) Personalised Content

Keep your content relevant to your audience if you want higher customer engagement. Write about topics that they care about and that are important to them. Make sure your content is well-written and error-free. Nobody wants to read sloppy content. Be personal. Write as if you're talking to a friend. Be engaging. Use storytelling, humour, and interesting facts and statistics to keep people hooked. Use strong visuals. People are more likely to remember and engage with content that includes compelling images or videos. Keep it short and sweet. People's attention spans are shorter than ever, so make sure your content is concise and to the point. Always be respectful of your audience's time and attention.

2) Provide Exclusive Deals

Offer exclusive deals to your digital customers. This could be in the form of a discount, early access to new products or services, or even something as simple as a free gift with purchase. Make it easy for customers to sign up for your deals by creating a dedicated landing page or sign-up form on your website. Use social media to promote your deals and drive traffic to your landing page.

3) Stay Up-to-Date on Trends

Your customers are always changing and evolving, and so are their needs and wants. To keep them engaged, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Watch for trends that are about to become popular before they take off. Develop strategic partnerships with brands that have popular products or services in order to grow your customer base. Partner with influencers who have similar demographics as your target audience in order to increase visibility on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

4) Create Urgency

The key to keeping your customers engaged is creating a sense of urgency. If they feel like they need to act now, they’re more likely to stay engaged with your brand. Here are a few ways to create urgency:
  • Offer limited-time promotions
  • Use countdown timers on offers and deadlines
  • Offer exclusive deals that last only as long as supplies last
  • Offer early bird specials or first come first serve offers
  • Promote new product launches or seasonal products by displaying them prominently on the home page or in a customer's inbox
5) Post More Regularly

If you want to keep your customers engaged, you need to be posting regularly. That means at least once a week, but ideally multiple times a week. Quality content is key, so make sure what you're posting is interesting and useful to your audience. Keep your posts well-organised by including links in the body of the post that lead to resources related to the topic being discussed. Including calls to action in your blog posts can help increase conversions because it prompts readers to take an action (e.g., signing up for a free trial). Don't just create social media profiles and then forget about them, be sure to be consistent.

6) Add a Human Touch

Though we live in a digital world, customers are still people with emotions, and they crave human connection. Know their pain points. Answer their questions promptly. Provide emotional support when needed. Put yourself in their shoes. Go the extra mile. Listen to what they want.

7) Make Them Feel Like VIPs

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so keeping them happy should be a top priority. One way to do that is by making them feel like VIPs. Send thank you messages after they've made purchases. Share discounts on social media channels and include a link to their website or app where they can redeem it. Offer something exclusive just for them via email or text message with an expiration date set ahead of time. Include coupons and promotions in email newsletters with links back to the company's website or app where they can redeem it.
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