Oral care myths have always been around despite the modernization of current dental health practices. Born out of lack of information these hygiene misconceptions, if continuously practiced, could lead to worse conditions and debilitating health.

That is why it is imperative to spread awareness and debunk these oral care fallacies. Through education and proper correction, these dental health myths will be hopefully eradicated and stopped. With so many dental tips and advice these days, which one do you trust and ignore?

The 7 Common Dental Myths

Critical analysis is vital when it comes to processing oral health care advice, especially if it’s not from an actual dental professional. Some of the tips you may receive may prove to be useful and legitimate, but it doesn’t hurt to do your research before trying them out. Here are some of the common myths that you can cross out from your oral care routine:
  • Visit the Dentist Only during Toothaches
Dental appointments should be done on a regular bi-annual basis. For at least every 6 months, your teeth’s health should be assessed, cleaned, and inspected for underlying issues. However, due to a lack of health insurance, money, and time, people opt to visit the dentist only in the direst situations.

By that time, the damage is already irreversible and widespread. So, instead of waiting for the pain to come, prevent it by scheduling regular visits to your local dentist. If you’re living in Guelph, you can always contact a dental clinic in Guelph through their website.
  • Brushing Schedules Don’t Matter
Brushing one’s teeth can be a chore to some, especially when the most common advice is to do it 3x a day. With the lack of private space or time, it can be quite difficult to do it midday at work. However, brushing at specific times is very important as it stimulates a regular habit.

As you constantly ingest food particles throughout the day, plaque and tartar can build up and cause decay. So, instead of brushing your teeth only before you sleep, take time to brush after breakfast and lunch. This 2-minute routine can prolong and save your teeth’s healthy condition.
  • Flossing Causes Gap-tooth
Tooth gaps and misaligned bites can lead to painful chewing and sensitive teeth. To avoid it, some people have stopped flossing due to the myth that it can create gaps. However, that is not the case at all. Tooth gaps are often caused by genetics, abnormal teeth development, and grinding habits.

So, instead of skipping flossing, incorporate it once again into your routine. Compared to simple brushing and gargling, flossing can reach deep dental crevices, where plaque and tartar can build up. There may be some bleeding during your first time, but this sensitivity decreases as flossing becomes part of your habit.
  • Dental Decay Comes With Aging
Dental decay does not choose its victims. No matter what age you are, it can come barging into your life. That’s what most people often get wrong about, thinking that decay only occurs as you grow old.

Decay occurs due to poor dental habits. From eating too much acidic food, lack of cleaning, and smoking, your teeth can age and deteriorate even when you’re in your 20s.

So, if you want to prolong your teeth’s lifespan and smile throughout your senior years, take care of them while you’re young. And, if you want to flash a glowing smile, you can always visit dentists in London that specialize in teeth whitening.
  • Dental Health is Isolated
As the main entrance for food, water, air, and pathogens, your mouth’s health can affect your entire body. Once your teeth are infected with periodontal diseases, bleeding gums, plaque, and cavities, you’ll be more exposed to bacteria entering your bloodstream; wreaking havoc on your system.

From diabetes, stroke, cancer, and clogged arteries, poor dental health can tip your body’s internal balance. So, if you ever do feel any pain or detect any cavity growth, have it cleaned, and removed right away.

Do not opt immediately for tooth extraction. Dentists can still save your aching teeth through root canal treatment. If the rest doesn’t work for you, you can always opt for a dental implant in Burlington or anywhere near you.
  • Diet Soda is Safe
Sugar and acid are your teeth’s nemesis. Causing corrosion, and cavities, ingesting these substances in huge amounts on regular basis can lead to severe dental decay. To avoid this, some people have opted to switch to drinking diet soda.

However, despite its reduced sugar level, its acidity is still very high. These intense acidic levels can lead to the breaking down of enamel, staining, and deterioration. So, go easy on the soda, juices, citrus, and teas, and switch to water instead.

Dental myths will always exist. As new trends and fads start to pop up, shortcuts and hacks in oral care will be there to stay. However, you can always combat this disinformation by debunking them with proper education and awareness. Research and learn more about your oral routine by visiting professional dentists. Take care of your teeth and avoid these myths if you want a glowing smile until your senior years.
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