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Scientia Professor
Alex R. Hamilton

Dr. Oleh Klochan


Dr. Ashwin Srinivasan  
Professional Officer      
Dr. Jack Cochrane      
Postgraduate Students    
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Ms. Karina Hudson Mr. Roy Li Mr. Scott Liles Ms. Sarah MacLeod


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Ms Elizabeth Marcellina Ms. Daisy Wang Ms. LaReine Yeoh  
Honours, Vacation and Exchange Students    

Past Members

Mr Scott Liles, (Honours student 2014, 1st class Honours)
Ms Karina Hudson, (Honours student 2013, 1st class Honours)
Mr Matthew Rendell, (Honours student 2012/3, 1st class Honours)
Dr. Jason Chen, (PhD graduated 2012, went on to postdoctoral research position with Prof. Fujisawa's group at Tokyo Intitute of Technology)
Dr. Zachary Keane (postdoc 2009-11, went on to position at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences in the USA)
Mr. Spencer Russett (Honours student 2011)
Mr. Patrick Scriven (Honours student 2011)
Mr. Lap-hang Ho (PhD graduated 2011, went on to work in the city as an analyst)
Ms. Daisy Wang (Honours student 2010/11, 1st class Honours)
Ms Cécile Héraudeau (exchange student from Ecole Centrale Paris, 2010)
Mr. David Waddington (Honours student, 1st class Honours & University Medal)
Mr. Matt Godfrey (Honours student 2010, 1st class Honours, went on to work as an engineer at Silanna Semiconductor in Sydney)
Mr. Khalid Muhieddine (MPhil graduated 2010)
Mr. Max Williams (Honours student 2010)
Mr Patrick Scriven (vacation student 2009/10)
Mr Wen Jun Toe (vacation student 2009/10)
Dr. Ted Martin (returned to USA in 2009 to take up a position in the Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
Mr. Benoit Voisin (exchange student, 2009, went on to PhD at CNRS Grenoble)
Dr. Lasse Taskinen (returned to Finland 2009 to take up position with Finnish Air Force)
Mr. Karl Chan, Physics Honours (2007-8, 1st class, went to PhD at Queensland)
Mr. Alex Szorkovsky, Physics Honours (2007-8, 1st class, went to PhD at Queensland)
Mr. Jan-Philipp Ahl, exchange student (2009)
Mr. Dan Ong, Nano Honours (2008, 1st class Honours, went on to job with Intensity Solar)
Mr. Sam Yick, Nano Honours (2008)
Mr. Stephan Strahl, Regensburg exchange student (2008, went on to PhD in Barcelona)
Mr. Jeremy Badcock (Honours student 2007-8)
Mr. Rifat Ullah (Honours student 2006-7)
Ms. Sarah MacLeod (Honours student 2006-7, graduated with 1st class Honours, went on to a PhD in Helsinki, Finland)
Ms. Julia Sokolova (Nanotechnology Honours 2006, went on to a PhD in MatSci)
Mr. Jason Chen (Nanotechnology Honours 2006, graduated 1st class Honours)
Dr. Warrick Clark (PhD graduated 2006, Thesis nominated for the AIP Bragg Medal, now working in the Atomic Fabrication Facility)
Dr. Romain Danneau (Research Fellow and ARC APD 2004-6, went to Helsinki University of Technology)
Mr. Sean Benson (Honours student 2006)
Mr. Laurence Bell (Nanotechnology Honours 2005, went on to do a PhD at the university of Cambridge)
Dr. Sean McPhail (Research Fellow 2002-4)
Dr. Ali Rashid (Research Fellow 2003-5)
Dr. Carlin Yasin (PhD graduated 2004, Thesis nominated for the AIP Bragg Medal)
Mr. Martin Aagesen (PhD exchange student from the Niels Bohr Institute, 2004-5, now CEO of Sunflake in Denmark)
Mr. Alex Collins (Honours 2004, went on to a PhD in theoretical physics, UNSW)
Mr. Tom Sobey (1st class Honours 2003, went on to do a PhD in Nanoscience at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Munich)
Mr. Wolfgang Guter (Exchange student 2002, went on to a PhD at Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE)
Ms. Konstanze Jaehne (Exchange student 2002, went on to PhD at Centre for Quantum Optics, University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Mr. Manfred Yew (Honours 2002)
Ms. Carlin Yasin (1st class Honours 2000 and University Medal)

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